Horse Inside out

Book a personal time for the immersive performance installation at ARoS Atelier here. Horse Inside Out consists of a sculpture / installation large enough for one person to move through […]

Spådommen om Høje Stene

GENOPDAG historien sammen med hele familien, når vandringsforestillingen ”Spådommen om Høje Stene” genopliver Jernalderen. Genfundet af skibssætningen Høje Stene ved Vejerslev har inspireret til forestillingen. Publikum tages med på en […]

Det Ufattelige

  En anderledes eventyrlig oplevelse af tidens gang i en stue på Plejehjemmet Møllestien i Aarhus … helt ned på molekyle- og hjerne-neuron-niveau! Mange af os er ubekvemme ved eller […]

Orms rejse

Oplev en vandringsforestilling i naturen ved Moesgaard. Orms Rejse er en invitation til hele familien – gamle som unge, voksne og børn – til at rejse ind i vikingetidens sanseunivers

Phoenix – Italian Edition

Wunderland invites on your own personal adventure! A sensorial journey at the lake Lago Maggiore – through and old garden, forgotten buildings and ship garages – into crevices and under the […]


ENTER INVISIBLE SAFARI invites you into all the spaces, all that noticeable, but invisible, all that terribly important – and thus we still forget them all the time … An experience where you are and your senses are central.
An interactive and sensory experience at the library here and now.

Body of Dreams

Wunderland invites you into an apartment. The apartment is different than apartments you know. It opens like a tale of inner realities or other realities. It has a fierce, crazy and wise logic as in daydreams or the dreams of the night.

BUTTERFLY EFFECTS (Sommerfugle Effekter)

“If you have ever wanted to go for a walk in Inger Christensen’s butterfly valley, you have the chance here. In Wunderland’s performance installation, one sees death from the wings of a butterfly, while you are listening, smelling, feeling your way through a labyrinth of strange spaces…”

Reality Reveiw

The 10th through the 13th of November 2009 another entrance to Wunderland appeared. From this entrance an expedition will moved into the realm of consciousness and the sensory spaces of the body.