Phoenix Test Flight

– An experiment in performative travel
by Wunderland

Phoenix Test Flight is a laboratory
. It is the exploratory preparation for Wunderland’s up-coming interactive, sensory and site-specific performance.

11 international artists from a range of genres and a researcher will meet over two weeks and examine the possibilities of performative experiential travel.

Wunderland is part of a growing movement within the performing arts that is expanding the concept of theatre, where the audience is transformed from observers to participants. In this movement:

There is a real meeting between performers and audience members, a meeting that is never the same from person to person.

The performance is experienced with all senses (smell, touch, taste, auditory, visual, kinesthetic) and therefore communicates on more levels than traditional theatre

The audience can spend some of the time in the performance alone

The relationship between reality and fiction is often thematized

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