Thoranna Bjornsdottir


Born 20.02.1976 Reykjavik/Iceland   

  • Languages: icelandic, english, dutch, danish, german    
  • Computer skills: Macintosh, PC
  • Sound processing: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live        
  • Image processing: Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro    





  • 2011 – : M.Art.Ed. degree. Iceland Academy of the Arts.
  • 2002-2006: The Royal Art College the Hague/ Holland, BA studies, Interfaculty Image & Sound/ Art science.    
  • 2001-2002: Reykjavik School of Music, Piano teachers department.
  • 1999-2002: Musician’s Union School of Iceland, graduated in classical piano playing.
  • 1992-1997: Reykjavik School of Music, instruments piano and oboe, theory lessons.
  • 1992-1996: Hamrahlid College, Reykjavik/Iceland, the Icelandic University Entrance Examination, field of Social Sciences-Psychology.       



  • 2012   “River Lights” Fire sculpture festival, Rovaniemi/Lapland.
  • 2012:  “From raindrops to volcanoes” installation,exhibition Cultural Encounters,Gallery Valo-Arktikum, Rovaniemi/Lapland.
  • 2012:  “Merkt svæ i, flæ i” installation, exhibition, Öruggt Rý mi, Reykjavik/Iceland.
  • 2012:  “Volumes for Sound”, performance/exhibition, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland.
  • 2012:  Sincerely Mine”, group exhibition, Rovaniemi/Lapland.
  • 2012:  “Whisper into the ear of Mother Earth, performance, Children ́s Culture festival Iceland.
  • 2010:  “Kinosmi#ja”, D.I.Y film lab, small-gauge film – super8 – 16mm – mixed media,, Reykjavik/Iceland.    
  • 2010: “Kvikar myndir”/ “Moving pictures festival”, Kinosmi#ja in collaboration with the Reykjavík Art Museum, Iceland.    
  • 2009: “Misunderstanding” video-/sound installation for the film “Mr. Bjarnfredarson”, Iceland.   
  • 2008: “Strengir“ sound sculpture, Aliance, Saltfélagi#, Reykjavík/Iceland.    
  • 2008: “String through the Earth” videowork, collaboration with the film director Colin Hodson, NZ.    
  • 2007: “A O” 16 mm film & sound, Ásmundur Sveinsson’s Sculpture Museum, Reykjavík/Iceland.    
  • 2006: “Hljóónostur” sound massage, performance, Gel gallery, Reykjavík/Iceland.
  • 2006: “defining a potential” concept / sound installation, The Royal Art College, the Hague/ Holland.    
  • 2006: ” A O ” 16 mm film & sound, TAG gallery, the Hague/ Holland. Starting from Scratch festival, de Balie, Amsterdam/Holland. Worm, Rotterdam/Holland.
  • 2005:  “Fiasko” performance, Superville Manifestatie, Leiden/ Holland.”
  • 2005: “Visions from Hell” 50 min. video, composition inspired by Dante’s Inferno, live performance with jazz- and baroque musician’s, Royal Conservatory, the Hague/ Holland.    
  • 2005: “While the poet sleeps“ 4 min video/sound, Reject Festival Rotterdam/Holland.    
  • 2005: “I tell myself” 5 min video/sound, Reject Festival Rotterdam/Holland. Island Film & Video Festival Prenelle Gallery London/ UK, “Move with movie” short film festival vilnius/Lithuania. Garage Cinema Reykjavik/ Iceland. X-kunst, women’s group exhibition the Hauge/ Holland.
  • 2004:  “Cooking the Universe” performance, The language of Image & Sound”, the Hague/ Holland.    
  • 2004:  “Alter Ego” performance , X Kunst, Women’s group exhibition, the Hague/ Holland.    
  • 2003:  “Observation blocks” video installation, Steve Reich festival, the Hague/ Holland.    
  • 2003:  “Funny dance” performance, Festival in de Branding, the Hague/ Holland.    
  • 2003:  “Uni-chord” sound sculpture, Sonic Lights, Amsterdam/Holland.    


  • 2012:  Tectonics music festival, Extreme Chill Festival, various concerts, Iceland.
  • 2011:  Extreme Chill Festival, Iceland Airwaves, RIFF (Reykjavik International Film festival), concerts, Iceland.
  • 2010:  Live iXem 2010 (Festival internazionale di musica, mixed media ed arte elettronica sperimentale) sound pieces, Milan/Italy.    
  • 2009:  “Music for the organs“ 4 sound pieces for radio, RUV 1, Reykjavík/Íceland.
  • 2008:  “1+1=3” acousmatic music, Festival Licences, Brûlures des langues VIII, Paris/France.
  • 2007:  “Sounds of the advent“ 4 audio “visions” for radio, RUV 1, Reykjavík/Íceland.
  • 2007:  “Hljó#s$nir$ni“ 4 audio “visions” for radio, RUV 1, Reykjavík/Íceland.    
  • 2007:  Revían “Allt gott” acousmatic music , S.L.Á.T.U.R. , Reykjavík/Íceland.    
  • 2006:  “ONR-I” Music for a dance piece by the Belgian choreographer Chantal Yzermans, Antwerpen, NY, Berlín.    
  • 2005:  “Púpa“ Club Society , Rotterdam/Holland.
  • 2005:  “Toby” Expositie X, Vliegtoren Nootdorp /Holland.
  • 2003:   “Glass music” sound composition, TodaysArt Festival, the Hague/ Holland.    
  • 2003:  “Púpa“ The Cuckoo’s Nest Festival, Rotterdam/Holland.
  • 2003:  “Púpa“ The Garage, the Hague/ Holland.
  • 2003:  “Santa“ music for short film, Prague/Czech Republic.
  • 2002:  “Cabaret”,music director, Reykjavík/Íceland.
  • 2001:  “Airwaves” music festival, Reykjavík/Íceland.
  • 2000-2003:  Various concerts (jazz, classical) Reykjavík/Íceland.    
  • 1992-1997:  Various concerts (classical) Reykjavík/Íceland.    

Sound/ music projects    

  • 2013: Upcoming album release. Yatra Arts, Toronto, Canada/Iceland.
  • 2012-: “Phoenix Test Flight”, composer, Wunderland, Denmark.
  • 2010-:  “Trouble” solo project, acousmatic music.
  • 2009-2011:  “KOI” (alternative music) singer, keyboard, Iceland.
  • 2005- :  “Toby” (acousmatic music) collaboration with Barbara Ellison, Holland/Iceland.    
  • 2002- :  “Púpa” (acousmatic music) collaboration with Ferenc Teglás, Holland/Iceland.    
  • 2001-2002:  “Stolid” (rock music) Reykjavík/Íceland.”
  • 1995-1997:  “Club Soda” (ambient/electronic music) Reykjavík/Iceland.”
  • 1994-1996:  “Dynur” (indie-rock music) Reykjavík/Iceland.”    

Work experience    

1997 – : 

  • Working for film and commercial production companies in Iceland, e.g Saga Film, Republik, Jónsson&Le’Macks, Truenorth, Pegasus, etc., films and commercials. 


  • Art department: production designer, art director, props master, set decorator, set dresser.   


  • Production: AD, assistan production manager, POC, office PA, set PA, script supervisor.    


  • “Noah”,set dresser, on set dresser.
  • Director Darren Aronofsky, Paramount Pictures and New Regency Productions/Truenorth, Iceland.    


  • “Nova Zembla”,props assistant, on set dresser.
  • Director Reinout ́Arnie ́ Oelemans, Eyeworks/Saga Film, Iceland.


  • “Come to Harm” short film, production designer.
  • Director Borkur Sigthorsson, Republik ehf, Iceland. 


  • Misunderstanding”-concept, director and producer. Video and sound installation for the film“Mr.Bjarnfredarson.
  • Director Ragnar Bragason, Saga Film ehf, Iceland. 


  • “Lítill Geimfari” (Little Astronaut) short film, assistan production manager.
  • Director Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson, Ergis Filmproduction, Iceland. 


  • “Journey to the center of the Earth”, POC (Icelandic crew).
  • Director Eric Brevig, Walden Media/Truenorth, Iceland. 



  • “Flags of our Fathers“, set construction, on-set dresser.
  • Director Clint Eastwood, Malpaso productions, Warner Bros./Truenorth, Iceland. 


  • “Beowulf & Grendel“, casting coordinators ast./3rd AD.
  • Director Sturla Gunnarsson, Beowulf & Grendel prod., Iceland. 


  • “Execution by Law”, script-supervisor/continuity.
  • Director Einar M. Magnusson, Veritas ehf, Iceland. 


  • Directorate of labour councilor of disabled people seeking work in the common job market, Reykjavik/ Iceland. 


  • Kinosmiója, teacher, 16 mm workshop, Iceland. 


  • “Sound & Image”, concept/teacher of workshop for 9-13 year olds, Fellaskóli, Reykjavik/Iceland. 

2008- :

  • Piano teaching, Iceland.


  • Producer/co. designer of promotional material for the Musician´s Union School of Iceland and for the Reykjavik Community Servise Centers, Reykjavik/Iceland.


  • “Visual Music” concept/teacher of workshop for 6-12 year olds, Sæmudarskóli, Reyjkavik/ Iceland.


  • City of Reykjavik, leisure home for disabled children, teacher of music games, Iceland.


  • Manager resturant “Sjávarpakkhúsió, Stykkisholmur/ Iceland.


  • Reseach lab assistant, deCode Genetics, Reykjavik/Iceland. 


Master Classes/ Workshops    

  • 2007:  CCMIX Paris/ France (Center for the Composition of Music Iannis Xenakis, computer/electronic music.
  • 2006:  WORM Fimwerkplaats Rotterdam/ Holland, Joost Rekveld: Motors of Invention,16mm film.
  • 2006:  WORM Fimwerkplaats Rotterdam/ Holland, Guy Sherwin: Live Cinema, optical sound,16mm film.
  • 2005:  Theater Gasthuis Amsterdam/Holland, dancer and choreographer Emio Greco and dramaturge PieterScholten, interdisciplinary art workshop / concept Dante’s Inferno.    
  • 2005:  WORM Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam/Holland, Dirk de Bruyn video/film maker, super8 film.
  • 2000:  SIPO–Semana Internacional do Piano de Obidos (International Piano Master classes and Festival of Obidos/Portugal). Professor Paul Badura-Skoda: Piano master class.
  • 1999:  Musician’s Union School of Iceland, music recording seminar, diploma studies, Reykjavík/Iceland.