Cindy Rudel

Theatre/ Performance 


  • Inde i natten, a performance installation of the night, its heaven, our conception of…directed by Sarah John, Carte Blanche, Viborg
  • Phoenix Test Flight, Wunderland Laboratory, experiment in performative travel, co-produced by Bora Bora, Aarhus
  • Residency…De Creation Danse, l´essaim de Julie, France Les Chercheurs de DJALMA. This group of ten dancers meets regularly to distort the frontiers between individuel and group, body and object, dream and daily reality.led by Ephia Gburek/ DJALMA
  • Body of Dreams sensorial installation, designed for the opening of Godsbanen, cultural center in Arhus Wunderland, Mette Aakjaer, Aarhus
  • Sens annual workshop of INHEPI, an international company that functions as a network for artists with the aim of supporting and developing the research of interactive installations and performances, Milan
  • I Papirtræets Skygge, Teatret Carte Blanche, directed by Sara Topsoe Jensen, Viborg 
  • Vandspejling, Teatret Carte Blanche, directed by Sara Topsoe Jensen, Viborg 
  • By night, installation, concept and idea development collaboration with Sara John, Sydney  
  • Fictions in the living room, choreography Minako Seki, Berlin  
  • Sommerfugle Effekter, Wunderland, directed by Mette Aakjaer 
    Performance Installation Arhus, Oslo, Tromsö 
  • Venus Labyrinth, Cantabile 2, directed by Nullo Fucchini 
  • Punishment, directed by Tatsumi Orimoto, DNA Gallery Berlin 
  • Kalejdoskop on tour
    Teatret Carte Blanche 
    Festival Panoptikum Nürnberg, Festival Teatralia Madrid, dansk/tyske børneteaterbiennale Teatret Møllen Haderslev
  • Shift.Points 
    Site Specific Dance Collage, directed by Minako Seki, Berlin 
  • Da Capo 
    research in installation and sensorial theatre with Teatro Arcadia, It and Clare Butler  
  • Senext! Nordisk scenekunstfestival 
    site specific performance travel with participants of the festival with performance artist Mette Aakjær and Clare Butler  
  • The Touch of a Vanished Hand 
    Paradance Theatre, directed by Stuart Lynch 
    “Dans-k“ Festival at K2, Copenhagen 
    Koreografisk Center Archauz,  Aarhus Festuge  
  • Under serious moonshine 
    dance solo, directed by Stuart Lynch 
    “Expresso festival”, Dk/ Cph 
  • The Invisible Reality Show#4, 2nd edition 
    Udflugt Network/ Hello Earth 
    “Metropolis Biennale” DK/Kbh 
  • Kalejdoskop 
    Teatret Carte Blanche  
    “Springfestival” Copenhagen, “Børneteaterfestival” Viborg    
  • Experimental Anatomy of a Cowboy 
    performance experiment, in collaboration with performance artist Tea  Roenne and scenographer Lea Burrows 
  • The Invisible Reality Show  
    Udflugt Network 
    “Junge Hunde” Festival Aarhus  
  • Kalejdoskop  
    Teatret Carte Blanche  
    artistic director Sara Topsoe-Jensen, Clare Butler 
  • The Invisible Reality Show 
    Udflugt Network  
    “Oerol” international festival for site specific performance, Nl/ Terschelling 
    “Junge Hunde” Festival Copenhagen
  • Cantabile 2 
    actress of the theatre ensemble Cantabile 2, Vordingborg from july 2004 until mai 2005 
    site specific theatre productions directed by Nullo Facchini 
    Venus Labyrinten, Syv Prinsesser, Lys over Lolland, Glasstykket 
  • Tanzstueck Wilderland 
    Sabine Seume Ensemble 
    Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf 



  • 3 month education in camera acting, Coaching Company Berlin 
    1 year additional education in Somatic Movement Art Training and  BMC with Horst Viral, Berlin 
  • 2007-06 different dance and performance training with Minako Seki, Yuko Kaseki, Ephia/ Primordial Science, Stuart Lynch 
  • School of Stage Arts, Cantabile2 
  • Fachabitur in Gestaltung/ Design, Dresden