Welcome to Wunderland

Wunderland is an entrance to a world where conceptions open and multiple possibilities arise; where understanding is sensually kaleidoscopic. A place without known definitions.

Wunderland creates experiences, performances and workshops. The performances are usually held in specific places and are immersive and participatory. They can be held indoors, in city streets, on the water, in tents, public spaces or in nature.

Some performances take the form of Performative Travels; an experience where the audience moves, one by one, or in small groups, along a predetermined route.

In Wunderland all the senses are stimulated. Performative resources can be anything from audio input, in the form of text and soundscapes, to full body experience, physical theatre and dance, performance and installation.

Wunderlands postulate is:
That our accumulated personal experiences, together with our emotional and semi-conscious states, creates a pattern that we perceive the world through. The selective picture we perceive is what each of us calls our reality.

In Wunderland there are places and spaces where we can step a little off to one side, opening our view and allow ”reality” to present itself in new shapes.

Wunderland invites us to take a deep breath and dive… into the colourful world, right there, where everything is not-knowing, open for the taking, inseparable, wild, inconceivable, helpless, violent and innocent.

Wunderland works together with other artists with relevant qualifications, depending on which projects are applicable.

Wunderland was founded in 2007 by Mette Aakjær.

Wunderland work is created in co-operation with other artists from different fields (dancers, performers, creative technicians, visual artists, designers, composers, writers). Wunderland often works in an international team.

Wunderland has received funding from Nordic Culture Point, The Nordic Culture Fund, Bikuben Fonden, The Norwegian Arts Counsil, Nordea Danmark- Fondet, The municipality of Aarhus,The Danish Arts Council, Tuborg Fondet, Den Ingwersenske Fond, Flach-Bundegaards Fond, KODA’s Kollektive Blankbåndsmidler, Knud Højgaards Fond.