Nina Matthis

Nina Matthis is a freelancing actress and movement artist, working internationally from her home in Malmö, Sweden, where she with colleagues founded FyraBen teater.

She graduated from Cantabile2’s School of Stage Arts, Denmark in 2008. Since, Nina works with different companies and projects, in many forms of expression and styles.



16 This Island, FyraBen teater, Serbia

15, 16 Letter to Haseeba, FyraBen teater, Sweden, Slovenia

13 Fight! with Milan Markovic Matthis, AP Krsmanac. Serbia

12 Predstava, FyraBen teater and Stanica. Serbia

12 Performing Wedding, FyraBen teater and Per.Art. Serbia

09 L’ Intacte, with Tuva Hildebrand. Sweden, Serbia

97- Freelancing street performer


Creative performer

19-20 Harlequin, ÖFA kollektivet+Blaue Frau. Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden

17-19 35 jag och några skådespelare, Blaue Frau. Finland, Iceland, Sweden

17 Orms Rejse, Wunderland. Denmark

15 The Dreambox, Bombina Bombast, Sweden

14-16 Phoenix, Wunderland. Denmark, Italy, Iceland

12, 13 Venus Labyrinth, Cantabile2. Denmark

11 Dodir, Mapa Balkon. Serbia

10, 11 Seek-to-Seek, Cantabile2. Denmark

09-11 Haiku, Cantabile2. Denmark

09 Sommerfugleffekter, Wunderland. Denmark, Norway

08 Tiggaroperaen, Cantabile2. Denmark

07 Dorin Chaiken Institute, Nordwind Festival Berlin, by Signa. Germany

07 Skytsengle, Cantabile2. Denmark



05-08 Cantabile2’s School of Stage Arts

00 Practical Philosophy, University of Lund



Participated in Body Mind Centering, butoh by Shinishi Iova-Koga, Yuko Kaseki, Yumiko Yoshioka, Stuart Lynch, stage combat and circus workshops.

Holds workshops in stage fight, somatic practices, theatre, movement, installation for different ages and levels.