Thoranna Bjornsdottir


2011-2014 M.Art.Ed. degree. Iceland Academy of the Arts. 

2002-2006 The Royal Art College the Hague/Holland, BA, ArtScience. 

1999-2002 Musician’s Union School of Iceland, graduated in classical piano playing.   


2019-20 Horse Inside Out , sculpture / installation, Wunderland production at ARoS Atelier, Aarhus DK 

2019 Autumn Bulbs​ New public art. Group exhibition, The Reykjavik Art museum. 

2019 Sequences IX. Opening work – Marshall house 12.10.2019 ​ 

2019 The Prophecy of Høje Stene​ , Co-creating performer /musician. Wunderland production in collaboration with Moesgaard Museum MOMU. ​  

2019 The Land Becomes Me, ​ sound installation and a lecture, Hugarflug-the Iceland University of the Arts annual conference, Reykjavik. 

2018 Music for heavy and light atmospheres, ​ Sound installation, HIGH AND LOW,   Exhibition@Nordatlantensbrygge Copenhagen. 

2018 Wunderland​, ​Dream Face Experiments, ​ The GENDERhouse Festival, Aarhus.   

2018 Iceland – Argentina ​ , musical performance, Reykjavík Arts Festival,16th June, Reykjavik Art Museum.  

2018 Full moon, ​ performance / a Call, Grund residence and nursing home, Reykjavik, 31.01.2018.  

2017 Det Ufattelige ​ , installation,Wunderland and Teater Seachange, Aarhus. 

2017 First quarter moon​ , performance 06.03.2017, Beyond Human Impulses, Mengi, Reykjavík. 

2017  Longing ​ and ​Passage – ​ audiovisual work, Dark Music Days, Harpa, Reykjavik/Iceland. 

2016 Longing – ​ audiovisual work, PUNTO y RAYA festival, ZKM ​Karlsruhe/Germany and  Northern Wave film festival, Grundarfirði/Iceland. 

2016 Phoenix – Reykjavik edition ​ , interactive, sensory performance, Reykjavik Arts Festival, Iceland.  

2016 Music for heavy and light atmospheres, ​ sound installation, Mengi, Reykjavík Iceland. 

2016 Dark Music Days, sound installation, ​Hljóðalestur ​ (sound reading), Harpa Music Hall, Reykjavik.  Composition/performances 

2005- Various concerts in Iceland and abroad (Dark music days Reykjavik,The Arctic Circle conference, Iceland Airwaves, Sónar Reykjavík, Tectonics Extreme Chill festival, Skálar,Sonic Screens Milan/Italy). 

2020 Dark Music days, ​Þá birtist sjálfið (And the self Appears), ​ a piece for voice and electronics, premiere. 

2019 Nordic Music days, Bodö Norway 13.11.2019. ​LUCID. ​ ​ 

2019 LUCID,  ​ a double vinyl album plus digital release ​@ ​ Smekkleysa/​Bad Taste records​ ​ Iceland. 

2018 Music composition and sound design and for the documentary film ​UseLess ​ , A ​Vesturport ​ prod..  

2017 Visions, ​ solo concert at Mengi as part of Dark Music Days, Reykjavik/Iceland. 

2016 audio DH – sonic manifestations ​ – release ​

2016 Music for heavy & light atmosphere. ​ Lady Boy Records Iceland, laser engraved cassette. ltd.ed..  

2013 Höfnin hljómar , a compilation Icelandic electronic music, CD, Yatra arts, Canada.