Orm’s Journey

“The sensitivity and the natural beauty crawls right under one’s skin in this very tranquil, but also eventful journey backwards in time.” 

– Aarhus Stiftstidende

Orm’s Journey was an immersive walking performance (from 8 years and up) taking place in the forest and meadows at the Moesgaard estate. A rupture in time creates a bridge between two distant realms: The Viking Age World of Red Orm and the year 2017. Strange and strong meetings emerge in a landscape imbued with the whispers of old gods and forgotten worlds.

The audience was led by four different paths: Two long routes running downhill, crossing creeks and dense undergrowth; and two shorter, less challenging, where the participants got to explore even closer the stories and rituals of Norse lore.

Through the encounters with warriors, valas, priests and the other groups, the audience was invited to take in all the subtle sensations of the landscape and stories they go through. The performance moved through the old ways of the Norse world and into timeless questions of being and knowing one-self and others.


Photos and Video below

Photo Credit: Maja Kristine Christensen

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Photo credit: Iga Kuriata, Moesgaard Museum

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Photo Credit: Simon Christensen,Moesgaard Museum

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Press Photos:

Photo credit: Iga Kuriata, Moesgaard Museum

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Photo Credit: Jesper Lyng Michelsen

Video: Christoffer Brekne



Artistic Leader and concept creator – Mette Aakjær

Visual artist and designer – Sigrid Astrup

Co-creative performer – Nina Matthis

Co-creative performer – Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen

Co-creative performer – Sara Vilardo

Co-creative performer –  Marie Louise Schmidt Maegaard

Co-creative performer – Rasmus Malling Lykke Skov

Co-creative performer – Tina Andersen

Co-creative performer – Sigrid Cecilie Moses-Jacobsen

Co-creative performer – Christian Adelhorst Rossil

Warriors – Cecilie Liv Rasmussen/Louise Brolin Thomsen



Text- and drama – Sonja Winckelman Thomsen

Concept development – Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen og Sigrid Astrup

Archaeology MOMU – Camilla Sørensen Bjarnø

Know-how MOMU – Sara Heil Jensen

External consultant:

Norse lore and drama on specific scenes – Christine Fentz

Willow wickerwork sculptures: Anne Mette Hjørnholm (from sketches by Sigrid Astrup)


Production leader – Gitte Røn Dalsgaard

Production assistant and performance leader – Line Lybek Witt

Photographer, PR Wunderland and Scenography assistant – Maja Kristine Christensen

Test-audience repsonsability and dramaturgical feedback – Ida Ravn Homilius


Visual artist Sigrid Astrup working with:

Scenography assistant – Ida Skovbjerg

Scenography assistant – Ida Lundø Madsen

Costume and scenography assistant – Eva Esmann Behrens

Builder, scenography – Jens Bo Jacobsen

Builder, scenography – Manjusri Hendriks


Responsible for costumes – Agnes Bjerre

Leather design and shaping – Amanda Axelsen Siggaard

Costume design assistant – Karoline Heide

Costume and scenography assistant – Eva Esmann Behrens

Production (MOMU):

Artistic leader and director on “Stormandsgaarden” – Tine Arnoldi

Producer: “MOMU goes Viking” projects – Maria Suh


Press Photos:

Photo credit: Iga Kuriata, Moesgaard Museum

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