Horse Inside out

Horse Inside Out is a sensory, immersive installation and performance experience consisting of a sculpture / installation large enough for one audience member to move through a crevice and travel through several rooms. The work is a hybrid of sound, spoken poetry, installation art, performance / dance and kinesthetic interaction.

The Prophecy of Høje Stene

An old king’s grave, a land where time has been torn. The Prophecy of Høje Stene took the audience wandering on four different journeys through immersive encounters with a world known from the Iron Age in the forest near Vejerslev.

Dream Face Experiments

The 15th and 21st of September 2018, a space appeared where the unexpressed and the unexpected could unfold. The participants could create a mask of their DreamSoulFace and wear it through the exploration. From here they were guided into the space and their own exploration.

The Incomprehensible

A different adventurous experience of time’s flow in a living room at Møllestien Carehome in Aarhus…down at the level of molecules and brain-neurons!

An immersive, technical-interactive and sensory installation guided by soundscapes and poetry.

Orm’s Journey

Orm’s Journey was a walking performance leading the audience on four different journeys through the landscapes of Moesgaard. A chance coincidence creates a bridge between two distant realms: The Viking Age World of Red Orm and the year 2017. Strange and strong meetings emerge in a landscape imbued with the whispers of old gods and forgotten worlds.

Phoenix – Reykjavík Edition

Phoenix was a sensory, immersive walking performance developed by 9 Nordic and international artists from different genres.

The Reykjavík edition of Phoenix took place at the Snarfarahöfn harbour, and led the audience into the warmth of the crackling hearth, old boat hulls grooved with stories and through their own darkness.

Phoenix – Copenhagen edition

The Copenhagen edition of the walking performance Phoenix was an immersive journey through the old military area of Teaterøen. One at a time, the audience was led deep into the crevices of dreams, darkness, fear, joy and memories in the stones, the wood, the water – and their own being.

Phoenix – Italian Edition

Phoenix was a sensory, immersive walking performance developed by 9 Nordic and international artists from different genres.

A journey through flames, water, darkness and joy at the lake Lago Maggiore – into an old garden, forgotten buildings and ship garages – through the heavy iron gates and the currents of new beginnings.

Phoenix – Aarhus

A kaleidoscopic journey at the harbour in Aarhus – through tar-smelling ship-hulls, old buildings and forgotten places – into the crevices of the mind and dreams and under the skin…

Phoenix was a sensory, immersive walking performance developed by 9 Nordic and international artists from different genres.

Enter Invisible Safari

ENTER INVISIBLE SAFARI is an immersive installation build at the library and invites you to a sensory exploration into its – and your own inner – spaces. All are noticeable, but invisible; all are terribly important, and yet we constantly forget them … An experience at the library where you and your senses are central.

Body of Dreams

Wunderland invites you into an apartment. The apartment is different than apartments you know. It opens like a tale of inner realities or other realities. It has a fierce, crazy and wise logic as in daydreams or the dreams of the night.

Butterfly Effects

Butterfly Effects was a cross disciplinary artwork, a participatory, immersive and sensory journey. The audience were explorers in an apartment, a long row of rooms with a dreamy twist; they were invited to allow their perception of reality to take new shapes…

Reality Review

The 10th through the 13th of November 2009 another entrance to Wunderland appeared. From this entrance an expedition will moved into the realm of consciousness and the sensory spaces of the body.

From here to Heaven

“Here-from and to Heaven” offered the audience a possibility to explore their own realities. It was a journey around the City of Vordingborg and the surrounding nature; full of experiences that tantalized perception.