Phoenix – Italian Edition

Wunderland invites on your own personal adventure! A sensorial journey at the lake Lago Maggiore – through and old garden, forgotten buildings and ship garages – into crevices and under the skin …

You show up at an address by the lake. You walk though the iron gate into a huge, old garden. So many different smells here. Between leaves and trees, on roofs and ins boat garages you meet peoples eyes, touch, play – dark sheds following the sound, you are invited into a bout and to your private shore…
In Phoenix you follow the fine traces of yet unexplored places … the scent of rope and boat hulls, forgotten dreams, the shadow of a face reminding you of your own.

People and experiences lead you into the crevices of what you are, what you remember, what you fear and dream of.

Phoenix is an interactive, sensory performance developed by 9 nordic and international artists from various genres. You will be led through the experience alone, guided by an interactive sound system –  that works via GPS – and by meetings with performers.

Artistic media: a hybrid form consisting of installation, soundscape, interactive technology, video, lyrical text, sensory experiences and performance.
The performance is a co-production between Wunderland and Lis Lab Perfoming Arts

Participating artists:

  • Artistic leader and performer: Mette Aakjær (Denmark)
  • Composer and sound artist: Thoranna Bjornsdottir (Island)
  • Co-creating performer, dancer and translator: Sara Vilardo (Italy)
  • Co-creating performer and dancer: Cindy Rudel (Germany)
  • Co-creating performer and dancer: Nina Matthis (Sweden / Serbia) 
  • Visual artist: Sigrid Astrup (Norway) 
  • Writer: Sonja Winckelman Thomsen (Denmark) 
  • Production leader and performer: Kirsten Pallesen (Denmark) 
  • Technician and performer: Sergio Taddo Taddei (Italy) Additional credits for the first version of Phoenix in Aarhus 2014:
    • Co-director and dramaturge: Sarah John (Australia)
    • Technical interaction designer and visual artist: Rune Brink (Denmark)
    • Interactive technique: DimsOs

Co produced by LISLAB – Performing Arts

Supported by: Nordic Culture Point, The Danish Arts Counsel, Bikubenfunden, PerCorpi Visionari.