Body of Dreams

– an interactive, sensory installation

Wunderland invites you into an apartment. The apartment is different than apartments you know. It opens like a tale of inner realities or other realities. It has a fierce, crazy and wise logic as in daydreams or the dreams of the night.

You open the door and enter the slope … do you take the jump? Do you dive into the underworld of the apartment and get soil and feathers between your toes? Or lay in bed between reflections of someone else’s dreams?

The installation is experienced one by one.
You are guidet with sound and words in your headphones through an experience for all the senses.


Fotos: Thomas Sinkbæk og Mette Aakjær

The installation was part of the opening of the cultural center Godsbanen.Duration approx. 17 min.

Suitable for adults and children from 13 years old and up.

Co-creating artists: Cindy Rudel (D), Sigrid Astrup (N), Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen (DK), Mette Aakjær (DK) – Artistic Director. Composer: Runar Magnusson (IS)

Assistant: Jasmine Cargill


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