Herfra og til himlen

Mette Aakjær – UDflugt Network in co-operation with Cantabile 2 School of Stage Art.

You order a ticket and are told to show up at Max Bank on a certain time. Your adviser will prepare you for your personal excursion into possible realities.

As human beings, perception of our surroundings and ourselves changes all the time. It is influenced by our thoughts, our body and where we allow our awareness to go.

We receive millions of impressions every moment and choose a few to shape what we call reality.

“Herfra og til himlen” offers you a possibility to explore your own reality. It is a journey around the City of Vordingborg and the surrounding nature; full of experiences that will tantalize your perceptions.

The performance is inspired by UDflugt Networks work with The Invisible Reality Shows.

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