Butterfly Effects

Butterfly Effects was a cross disciplinary artwork, a participatory, immersive and sensory journey. The audience were explorers in an apartment, a long row of rooms with a dreamy twist; they were invited to allow their perception of reality to take new shapes…

“If you ever had the urge to take a walk in the butterfly valley of Inger Christensen, this is your chance. Sometimes a fragile and magical moment is exhibited in the encounter with a foreign body in the darkness, other times you feel the echo of other living beings, which are now gone, but whom everything in the room seems to whisper of. … This is a performance that requires attention, courage, confidence and precision, both from the guests and the performers. It touches the child in oneself that is not naïve, but captivating and deeply disturbing.”

Review in Peripeti by Thomas Rosendal Nielsen

See the review at http://www.peripeti.dk/2009/06/23/ilt-09/#more-330

Funded by: Kultur Kontakt Nord, Nordisk Kulturfond, Norsk Kulturraad, Nordea Danmark- Fondet, Aarhus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje, Kunstrådet, Tuborg Fondet, Den Ingwersenske Fond, Flach-Bundegaards Fond, KODA’s Kollektive Blankbåndsmidler, Sceneprojekt.dk og Entréscenen.

The audience said:

“Amazing, incredibly nice. Never been attending something like this. Got goosebumbs in some rooms. THANK YOU.”

“A DREAM CULT. A seed has been sown.”

“This was magical! Terrific, strange, dreamlike. A wonderful experience.”

“Dear diary. I have become a guest in my own house.”

“A sensory experience completely out of the ordinary. I’m floating. Thank you.”


A Nordic art collaboration that has been sprouting and growing through 2008 and unfolding and blossoming in spring and summer 2009 in Aarhus and in Tromsø and Oslo throughout the autumn in, spreading its seeds…

In June, Butterfly Effects was a part of the international theatre festival ILT09 in Aarhus www.ilt09.dk

Butterfly Effects was developed further and shown in Tromsø in co-operation with the local artist Maja Bohne Johnsen in September 2009.

In November 2009, the Butterfly took another shape in Oslo in co-operation with Elwin Bradshaw, Elin Høyland and Petter Goldstein.

Participating artists:

Artistic leader: Mette Aakjaer (DK)
Artistic consultant: Sarah John (AU)

Co-creating performers/dancers:

Mette Aakjær (DK)
Cindy Rudel (DE)
Nina Matthis (SE)


Runar Magnusson (IS)


Sonja Wickelmann Thomsen (DK)

Guest performer in Oslo: Petter Goldstein (NO)

Guest performer in Tromsø: Maja Bohne Johnsen (NO)

Creative technician: Harald Me Viuff (DK)
Creative technicians assistants: Mads Gensø Gundersen, Carl Jensen (DK)
Visual designer: Sigrid Astrup (NO)
Assistants on set design: Kathrine Lund, Ninnie Hansen, Tine Esmarch (DK)
Viral marketing: Rasmus Geehrtsen (DK)
Production/Administration: Nojazz


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