Phoenix – Aarhus

You receive a personal meeting time and find yourself at an address in the old harbour. It smells strange. The door squeaks as you open it. You look inside. The sound of a crackling radio, a glass put down on the table, a mumbling voice. You enter a corridor and follow the sound.

Phoenix was a sensory, immersive performance developed by 9 Nordic and international artists from different genres. The audience was led through the experience one at a time, guided by an interactive sound system – cross-coded with a GPS – and by the encounters with the performers.

Encounters and experiences lead you further into the crevices of what you are, what you remember, what you fear and what you dream of.

In Phoenix you follow the delicate clues to yet unexplored sites… smells of hemp robe and tarred wood-ship hulls, forgotten vanilla-scented dreams and childhood-dusted drawers, the shadow of a face resembling your own.

The performance was a hybrid of installation, soundscapes, interactive technology, video, poetry, sensory experience and performance, and was awarded by Statens Kunstfonds Legatudvalg for its “strong idiom, bombarding the bodily senses, and a consequent staging challenging the perception of the audience”.

Phoenix was a co-production between Wunderland and Bora-Bora: Read more here

Funded by:

Statens Kunstråd, Kultur Kontakt Nord, Aarhus kommune, Bikuben Fonden og Bora-Bora,  TSA – træskibsforeningen Aarhus og LIS LAB performing Arts, Italien.

Video: Christoffer Brekne

Participating artists:
  • Artisic leader and performer: Mette Aakjær (Denmark)
  • Process leader and director: Sarah John (Australia)
  • Composer and sound-artist: Thoranna Bjornsdottir (Iceland)
  • Technical interaction designer: Rune Brink (Denmark)
  • Co-creating performer and dancer: Cindy Rudel (Germany)
  • Co-creating performer and dancer: Nina Matthis (Sweden)
  • Visual artist: Sigrid Astrup (Norway)
  • Author: Sonja Winckelman Thomsen (Denmark)
Co-creating guest performers:

Aarhus/DK: Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen (Danmark)

Milano/Italy: Sara Vilardo (Italy)

Director assistant: Nina Tind

  • Technical interaction designer assistance: Dimsos ved Carl Frischknecht Jensen og Mads Gensø Gundersen
  • Sound mastering: Krishve (Kristian Hverring)
  • Production leader: Mia Mimi Flodager
  • PR og event-coordinator: Kirsten Pallesen
  • Production leader assistant: Anne Majgaard Basse
  • Scenographic assistants: Marianne Thøgersen, Majken Rosenqvist, Sofie Raun, Mikkel Vithner
  • Video og photos: Christoffer Brekne
  • Side-project: Sigrid Cecilie Moses-Jacobsen (Kaos Pilot)

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