Enter Invisible Safari



ENTER INVISIBLE SAFARI is an immersive installation build at the library and invites you to a sensory exploration into its – and your own inner – spaces. All are noticeable, but invisible; all are terribly important, and yet we constantly forget them … An experience at the library where you and your senses are central.

There are 2 different tracks in the game, and they take you around the installation and on to various items in the library . Along the way, your headphones guide you with voice and sound to places, situations and thoughts you had not imagined to experience at a library. The installation offers a unique form of tranquility and a chance to think about things in general.

The participants contribute with words, written and spoken. All participants’ views and experiences are collected and contribute to the content and outcome of the whole experience.



Wunderland by Mette Aakjær
in collaboration with Sigrid Astrup and Rune Brink .

Tone Lunden
Martin Jorgensen

Co-creative assistants:
Nanna Rosalia Sigaard
Peter Berke

Else Birch Therkelsen
Erik Østergaard
Anette Cecilie Præstekær


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