Phoenix Test Flight

– An experiment in performative travel
by Wunderland

Phoenix Test Flight is a laboratory
. It was the exploratory preparation for Wunderland’s up-coming interactive, sensory and site-specific performance Phoenix.

11 international artists from a range of genres and a researcher will meet over two weeks and examine the possibilities of performative experiential travel.

Wunderland is part of a growing movement within the performing arts that is expanding the concept of theatre, where the audience is transformed from observers to participants. In this movement:

There is a real meeting between performers and audience members, a meeting that is never the same from person to person.

The performance is experienced with all senses (smell, touch, taste, auditory, visual, kinesthetic) and therefore communicates on more levels than traditional theatre

The audience can spend some of the time in the performance alone

The relationship between reality and fiction is often thematized


Participating artists:

Mette Aakjær (Denmark) performer and artistic leader

Sarah John (Australia) dramaturgic consultant

Cindy Rudel (Germany)  co-creating performer

Nina Matthis (Sweden/Serbia) co-creating performer

Thoranna Bjornsdottir (Iceland) composer

Sigrid Astrup (Norway) visual artist

Rune Brink (Denmark) technical innovation

Sonja Thomsen (Denmark) writer/poet

Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen (Denmark) co-creating performer

Karin Bergstrand (Sweden) co-creating performer

Barbara Simonsen (Denmark) consultant and co-creating performer


Research AU, Aarhus University:

Thomas Rosendal Nielsen (Denmark) researcher, Phd i interactiv dramaturgy


Technical innovation assistants:

DimsOs by Carl Jensen and Mads Gensø Gundersen (Denmark)


Production leader: Julie Horne Møller (Denmark)

Production leader assistant: Oliver Panthera (Denmark)


Phoenix Test Flight took place 20. august – 2. september 2012

The project was presented as a talk at Junge Hunde Festival in Aarhus in October 2012.


The project was funded by The Danish Arts Foundation’s fund for international activities, Aarhus Municipality’s fund for Cultural Development.

Co-produced by Bora-Bora – produktionshus for dans og visuelt teater og and supported by Laboratoriet at Bora Bora. (now SeaChange Laboratory)

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