Phoenix – Copenhagen edition

A co-production between Wunderland, KIT (Københavns Internationale Teater) and TEATERØEN at Metropolis festival August 2015

Phoenix – Copenhagen Edition invites you on your own personal adventure!

A sensory journey at the harbour through forgotten buildings – we invite you into the crevices of what you are, what you remember, what you fear and dream of.

You get a personal time for when you have to show up at an address by the harbour. You pick up the scent of rope and boats. The door squeaks when you open it. You peep inside. You hear the sound of a fireplace. The floor is covered with thick layers of ashes. Someone comes towards you and bids you inside.

You are about to embark on a sensuous walk mixing installation, soundscape, interactive technology, lyrics and performance. You will go through the experience all on your own, guided by performers and a GPS sound system, all while you follow the scent of delicate tracks leading you to unexplored places. The scent of wooden ships, forgotten dreams of vanilla and childhood-dusty corners – the shadow of a face, which resembles your own.

Photo credit:
Maja Nydal Eriksen
Mette Aakjær

Video: Christoffer Brekne


History of the performance Phoenix

Back in 2014, Phoenix, which hails from Aarhus, received an award from The Arts Foundation’s scholarship
commission. The performance is developed by 9 international artists with background in different art forms.

The physical environment of the TEATERØEN is a mix of raw harbor environment and water and nature taking back the urban space. It was very suitable for creating a Firedream based on the Phoenix concept, where the site helps to draw the dramaturgy and creates a great frame for the individual audience participants to confront their own dreams and dreams.

WHAT Individual performance

WHEN 16 – 30 Aug. 2015  14.30-16.30 hrs and 18.30-21 hrs (except mondays)
Starts every 8 min. for one person. You buy a ticket for a timeslot and will be informed about your individual
starting time by mail.

WHERE Teaterøens Café, William Wains Gade 11, Refshaleøen, Kbh K

NB! In English
DURATION 90 min.
AGE from 14 years


Artistic & performer Mette Aakjær (DK)
Dramaturgy consultant Sarah John (Australia)
Composer & sound artist Thoranna Bjornsdottir (Iceland)
Performer & dancer Cindy Rudel (Germany)
Performer & dancer Nina Matthis (Sweden)
Performer & dancer Sara Vilardo (Italy)
Visual artist Sigrid Astrup (Norway)
Writer Sonja Winckelman Thomsen (DK)
Guest performer Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen (DK)
Technical interaction designer Rune Brink (DK)
Technical development Mads Gundersen og Carl Jensen (DK)
Teknisk assistent Lasse Munk
Producer, projektleader and Stage Manager Carlos Calvo, Teaterøen (DK)
PR-responsible Helle Kvist, Teaterøen (DK)
PR assistant Helene Bæk Kortegaard
Production assistant Linnea Jensen (DK)
Directors assistant Nína Hjálmarsdóttir (Iceland)
Scenography assistent & Stage magager Eva Perez
Scenography assistant and event creator Anna Maria Blicher Skanborg (DK)
Video Christoffer Brekne
Support Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Scenekunst, Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture
Point, Teaterøen, Notours