The Prophecy of Høje Stene

“A hole has been torn in the web of poetry that binds together all living beings and ages…”

Burning tar and timber scents, the cold touch of moist dirt, a body breathing in running pace and a voice’s silvery ring from somewhere beyond. The Prophecy of Høje Stene took the audience wandering through immersive encounters with a world known from the Iron Age in the forest near Vejerslev. Choosing one of four journeys – two long or two shorter – the participants were guided by beings and characters from a distant time to explore the landscape and its legends with all their senses.

The recent discovery of a massive ship-setting near the village inspired the production of this family-friendly walking performance in collaboration with Favrskov municipality and Moesgaard Museum. The performance played during the Spring and Summer of 2019 and was funded by Favrskov Kommunes Kultur- og Fritidsudvalg igennem Kulturinitiativer, Favrskov Kommunes Landsbyråd, LAG Randers-Favrskov, Region Midtjyllands Kulturmidler og Europæisk Kulturregion.

The performance was a part of the 2019 festival of the European Region of Culture with the theme REDISCOVER.


Artistic leader, concept creator and performer – Mette Aakjær

Drama-, process- and concept consultant – Helga Rosenfeldt Olsen 

Drama-, text- and concept consultant – Sonja Wickelmann Thomsen

Visual artist, scenographic concept and work – Sigrid Astrup

Costume designer – Amanda Axelsen-Sigaard

Co-creative performer, composer and musician – Thoranna Bjornsdottir

Co-creative performer – Sara Vilardo

Co-creative performer – Bo Stendell Larsen

Co-creative performer (guide) – Christian Adelhorst Rossil

Co-creative performer (guide) – Marie Louise Maegaard Schmidt

Co-creative performer (guide) – Steffen Sommerstedt

Co-creative performer (guide) – Sigrid Cecilie Moses-Jacobsen

Production leader and Performance leader – Kathrine Kihm

Assistant – artistic leader and consultants – Nicola Visser

Production leader assistant – Frederik Behrend

Test-audience responsibility – Trine Vinther Sørensen

Scenography design assistant – Ida Lundø Madsen

Portal design – Agnes Bjerre

Scenography design assistant – Hjalti Thorkelsson

Scenography design assistant – Nana Andrea Tiefenböck

Scenography ground structures, design og building – Jens Bo Jacobsen

Costume assistant – Taika Louhivuori

Costume assistant – Anne Sofie Bundell

Costume assistant – Lise Zacho

Salary and accountancy – Maria Meyer, 1:1 Produktion

Photos: Jesper Lyng Michelsen