Phoenix (Reykjavík)

The Reykjavík Grapewine: “Much entertainment is about escapism—that is, taking people out of the everyday world. What “Phoenix” does differently is to invite people to escape ind it … Everything becomes interesting—as the mind relaxes into a gently focussed state, small details spring to life, and the harbour area becomes a living stage for this wonderful, odd, immersive play.”
The Reykjavík Grapewine (interview): “Phoenix plays with all your senses. Each guest goes through their own personal adventure, alone, meeting and interacting with performers in some places, and listening to sounds and words in others. They wander through an urban landscape of deserted cars, boats, a tent and a structure made of things found at the harbour. You could call it an interactive, sensory performance; but you could call it a concert walk, poetry walk or a living installation, too.”