Rune Brink Hansen

Education / Jobs timeline:


  • 1985-1993 Odense Rudolf Steiner School
  • 1993-1996 Henriette Hörlucks Skole
  • 1996-1998 Various TV, Graphics, Design & Mediarelated courses in Danish States Free Youth Education – FUU
  • 1998-1999 Hired at Kulturkalenderen Odense, Weekly Culture Guide of Odense as Graphic Designer
  • 1999-2000 Tries my luck at Odense Business School Innovation & Entrepeneurship
  • 2000-2007 School dropout for .com business, from Webdesigner to Senior AD at Creuna Danmark A/S. Working as Art Director at Creuna Danmark A/S,creates the primary online brands for some big ones, like Falck, Skandia, PKA, GN Resound, Velux, Kilroytravels, Ørestad and Erhvervs & Selskabsstyrelsen.
  • 2003 Starts Bottega Areté with Mathias Malling Mortensen & Christian Zander
  • 2007 Leaves Creuna for Bottega Areté / fulltime freelance creative collective
  • 2010 Co founder of Dark Matters


Project timeline:



  • Phoenix Test Flight – exploratory preparation for sensory and site-specific performance with 11 international artists.
  • Kenton Slash Demon Ore – Music Video
  • Roskilde Festival 2012 “B:amazed” / Interactive 500m2 light installation – Art direction, animation 
  • Østre Gasværk  “Media Machine” / video installation, animation og execution
  • J.F. Willumsens museum / Video workshop 2012
  • Spleen United Tour 2012 / scenography and animation
  • Academy of Art and Design Basel / Artist and process Talk
  • Click Festival with Den Sorte Skole / editing and performance 



  • Creates music video for Danish band Veto – This is not.
  • Creates animated backdrop show visuals/mapping for Danish Fashion Brand Stine Goya.
  • Creates mapping/visuals installation for Creative Circle Awards.
  • Creates animated presentation for Carlsberg Group Int. For Mc Cann Copenhagen.
  • Creates music video for Kenton Slash Demon.
  • Visual projection performance at Nikolaj Kunsthal (Contemporary art center).
  • Stage installation live visuals for Who Made Who at Arena Stage, Roskilde Festival.
  • 14 Days workshop in music visualisation in Kabul, Afghanistan for DCCD.
  • Interactive stage design for Trailerpark Festival.
  • Creates the third Festival of endless gratitude in Denmark.



  • Creates animated backdrop visuals for Danish band Kashmir’s live tour.
  • Creates music video for Danish Band Kenton Slash Demon.
  • Performs live at Spot Festival with Kenton Slash Demon.
  • Creates animated installation for Carlsberg Kulturnat.
  • Creates animated installation for Distortion Festival.
  • Creates animated backdrop show visuals for Strøm Festival.
  • Invited by Danish Film Institue to participate in Talent event with 3 project proposals.
  • Creates TV AD for Danish company Velfac.



  • Creates animated music visualization project for the DR Koncerthuset.
  • Creates huge video setup scenography for a new opera at The Funen Opera.
  • Creates the animated visuals identity for Danish Television TV Show Fodboldpigerne on DR1.
  • Creates the animated visuals identity for Polish Art Festival – Ars Cameralis.
  • Creates animated backdrop show visuals for Danish Band Selvmord.
  • Creates music visualization piece for and with students of Danish Academy of music / Musik Konservatoriet.



  • Travels trough 6 states in the USA shooting documentary about modern experimental folk music for 1 month.
  • Directs music video for danish band “I got you on tape” – Somersault”.
  • Directs music video for danish singer/songwriter “Kim LAS”.
  • Creates album cover for Danish electronica musician Rumpistol.
  • Creates animated identity for Copenhagen Fashion Week TV.



  • Creates animated identity for Danish National TV’s flagship/slapstick/serious late night culture talkshow Den 11. Time (The 11. hour).
  • Curates Danish National TV s animated decoration of their new headquarter and studios.
  • Wins the Prix Möbius Special Award at Pixelache Festival, Helsinki – Finland.
  • Installation exhibition in Copenhagen with Mathias Malling Mortensen “DR Wolf” with concept and 2 interactive pieces.
  • Invited by Roskilde festival to decorate at the festival with 2 big visuals-towers.
  • Creates animated identity for Copenhagen Fashion Week TV.



  • Performs live at Roskilde Festival Denmark with Rumpistol.
  • Curates Danish National TV s annual “Culture night” of Copenhagen with Remix projects by different art ists incl. myself. Remixing some of the 35 years of archive of the station DR1.
  • Makes video art for the Sergi Belbel Play, “Mobil” on the Plan B Theatre in Copenhagen with set designer Edward Lloyd Pierce.



  • Invited by MTV to make “art-breakers” for MTV Europe with VJ Samesame.
  • One month journey to Afghanistan to shoot a documentary about the Afghan youth and to make several timelapses and footage for VJ work.



  • Makes and exhibtion and VJ show at event “The White Night at the museum” at MNAC – The National Museum of Contemporary Arts – Bucharest, Romania.


2003 – 2008

  • Tours almost every festival for electronic music in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Holland per forming live visuals for danish electronica artist Rumpistol, a show with dedicated visuals for each tracks of the concert.